Wednesday, 9 September 2020


Garlic bread is very much loved by all age groups. If the garlic bread is made using wheat flour, it will be enriched with fibre and important nutrients. Moreover, the garlic as we know, to boost the immune system, regulate the blood Sugar levels and support the health of our heart.
The flavour of garlic is amazing when we consume with bread. We can make it with the mixture of finely minced garlic and Italian seasoning herbs and spices in butter without adding cheese. If you are a crazy cheese-lover, then you enjoy by adding  shredded cheese with garlic butter and italian pizza herbs and slice.
It is commonly served as a combo offer with pizza at Dominos and other outlets. It is amazingy delicious with cheese dip, tomato sauce dip.
We can serve it as garlic bread sticks by curting over the marks We made,  before We bake It.

The cooking method is very easy, even   healthy way of baking at our home. 

Ingredients We need:

For yeast activation
Brown sugar 2 tsp
Active dry yeast 2 tsp
Wheat flour 4 tsp
Luke warm milk 80 ml

For kneading

Wheat flour 2.5 cups
Himalayan pink rock salt powder 1 tsp
Luke warm water 250 ml
Olive oil 2-3 tsp
Bloom up yeast mixture
Butter extra 25 gm to brush the dough
and smear the baking plate

For Garlic butter

Butter 50 gm @ room temperature 
Shredded Garlic 3/4 cup
Italian seasoning herbs coarse powder


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