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Health benefits of Banana blossom:

Banana blossom is one of the super foods that treats infections naturally. In this way, it keeps infections at bay. 

Good support for women by dealing with abdominal pain during menstrual period and regulates menstrual bleeding.

It maintains  blood Sugar levels and thereby treats diabetes.

Banana flowers contain phenolix acids, tannins, flavanoids and so many antioxidants that reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

It improves lactation because of its galactagogue contents. It is helping to support the health of uterus and reduces blending post delivery.

Banana flower is rich in Vitamin C and a potential source of antioxidants thereby sowing the ageing process. 

This blossom is packed with richness of iron and improve the tiredness due to anaemia combats iron dificency. 

 It is an alkaline food balancing the stomach acid secretions and heals ulcers and pain.

Banana blossom  is a high dietery fibre that is a natural way to treat constipation and regulates the bowel movement.

Banana blossom is a natural GIFT of treasure trove of Nutrients including fibre, potassium, Calcium, Copper, phosphorous,  Iron, magnesium and vitamin C and E.

Low in calories and rich amino acids and Vitamins.

Hence it is great to overall wellness. We should add this wonderful banana flowers in our regular diet weekly once or twice.

How to make this tasty banana blossom chutney?


Banana blossom  cleaned and chopped one bowlful
Dried red chillies 2 pcs 
Groundnut Oil Coldpressed  2 tbsp
Tamarind one Gooseberry size 
Curry leaves 10-15 pcs
Roasted gram 50 g 
Shredded Coconut 3/4 cup/75 gm
Jaggery powder 1 tsp
Himalayan pink rock salt 3/4 tsp
Garlic clove one chopped


Step one:

Peel off the overlapping bracts of banana blossom and pluck out the row of flowers tucked in each bract.

We have to peel off 12 bracts to collect one big bowlful flowers.

Apply coconut oil with hands because slimy discharge doesnt stick  on hands.

Remove the stigma or pistil and transparent scale from each flower.

Pour little coconut oil over the flowers before chopping why because it prevents colour change.

Chop them using a Quick chopper.


Heat oil on medium heat
Add red chillies, tamarind,  curry leaves respectively.
Add chopped banana flowers and saute for five minutes on medium heat.
Reduce the heat.
Add roasted gram and next shredded Coconut.
Add jaggery powder and salt.
Saute again on low heat
Add chopped garlic.
Sprinkle Asafoetida optional.
Turn off the heat.
Set aside to cool down.
Transfer the saute ingredients to the mixie jar.
Add water and grind coarsely

Banana blossom Chutney/Thuvaiyal is ready to be served with hot steamed Rice and a dash of fresh ghee. It pairs very well with Idlis dosas, Chapatis and Rotis, pooris and any one pot meal.

Preparing time 15 minutes
cooking time  15 minutes
servings: 4 persons

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