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Agathi keerai, not only physiological but also psychological problems of human beings. The botanical name is Sesbania grandiflora.


Protein 8.4 %

Fat 1.4 %

Minerals 3.1 %

In addition to above Agathi keerai contains iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin C in considerable amount.

Agathi means flame inside. It ignite the fire inside all organs and instigate the uniform blood circulation

all over the body.

Agathi keerai boosts immunity. Agathi green leaves consists of potential antioxidants. It has antimicrobial effects. Regulates diabetes; Prevents ccancer; its calcium supports bones.

The leaves are dense green coloured.

Its english  name is humming bird tree. In Tamil is is known as Agathi; Its Telegu name is Avisa. In Kannada its vernacular name is Agase. InHIndi it is termed as Agati.


There are so many recipes in South Indian recipes.

How to make tasty Agathi keerai stir fry or porial in Kongu Kitchen?

Ingredients, we need

Agathi leaves 250 gm/one bowlful, tightly packed

Groundnut oil 3 tbsp

Bellary onion 1 pc finely chopped

Dry red chillies 3 pcs

Curry leaves 10 pcs

Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp 

Rock salt 1/2 tsp

Grated fresh coconut, one bowlful


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