Saturday, 1 January 2022

BANANA HALWA/வாழைப்பழ அல்வா

Have you ever taste the Halwa made with Red Banana?

Here is the Traditional recipe of Red banana halwa.

It can be cooked on special family occasions and festivals.
So sweet and chewy and mouth melting and tempting.
We can just add jaggery replacing sugar.
It will be more delicious.


Red Banana 5 pcs fully ripen
Crushed Cardamom seeds
Fresh Desi Ghee
Cashew bits
Saffron Strands 15-20 pcs
Edible Camphor a tiny bit


Peel the bananas and blend them until smooth paste.
Add blended banana puree in Ghee heating in a pan on medium flame. 
Lower the flame and saute in Ghee.

Heat the non stick pan with 2 tbsp Fresh Desi Ghee. 
Add roughly broken Cashews and fry until golden brown on low heat.

Collect the fried Cashews in a dry bowl or plate. Set aside.

Fry until no water remains and Ghee separates.

Add 2-3 tsp Ghee at intervals.
Keep on stirring on low heat. 

Add Sugar and start stirring.
Now the Sugar dissolves and the contents turn loose. 
Slowly the contents thickens.

Add crushed Edible Camphor 

Add one pinch of Saffron Strands. 

Constant stirs should be given on low heat to prevent burning.

The Banana contents got thickened and non stick texture.

Add fried golden Cashew bits.

Add crushed Cardamom seeds coarse powder.

Turn off the heat.
Transfer the contents to the Ghee-smeared tray.

Level it.

Set aside to cool down.

Check the ball consistency. 


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