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Thirupagam or Thirubagam is a Traditional sweet of Thirunelveli.  

This sweet is having the amalgamation of sweetness of three sweets ie., Mysore pak, Kaju katli and Palkova.

We can add the coarse powder of  Almonds additionally and prepare this sweet.

This Traditional sweet is one of the offerings to Lord Muruga at Thiruchendhur.

This sweet is made and wrapped in butter paper like Palkova and is being sold in Sweet stalls and even in petty shops.

Thirupagam sweet is a mandatory divine 😋 sweet served in marriage occasions and Thalai Diwali festival of newly married couples in Thirunelveli district. One tablespoono of Thirupagam sweet is wrapped in butter paper and served in Banana leaf as sweet.

This sweet is rich in taste. The preparation of
this sweet needs patience and much attention.

How to make this divine sweet?


Besan flour one cup/100 gm+Fresh Desi Ghee 2 tsp
Boiled and cooled milk 2 cups/250 ml
Sugar one cup/100 gm
Saffron Strands 15-20 pcs
Fresh Desi Ghee 1/2 cup/50 ml+ghee 2 more tsp+20 ml at final stage
Ground coarse Cashew powder 1 cup/100 gm
Cardamom powder 1/4 tsp
Edible camphor, a tiny bit crushed.


Roast the Besan flour with 2 tsp ghee on low heat
until raw flavour goes off.  This is to be careful.

Set aside to cool down.

Pour the milk in a non stick pan.
Add the roasted besan flour in two batches.
Stir vigorously to blend with the milk without lumps.
We can use our hand to mix well.
We should mix without heating. 
This will take 10 minutes to mix the besan in milk without lumps.

Bring to heat on low flame.
Stir continuously.
Stirring should be done from centre to edges.
Continuos stirring avoid the formation of lumps in the centre.
Now the contents become thickening.

Do read as formed instead fermented. Error in this image subtitle may kindly be excused.

Add Sugar and Stir continuously on low heat.
Now Sugar dissolved and the contents become thin.
Let cooking and stirring continuously until the contents get thickened.
Add 50 ml Ghee and stir constantly.

Add Saffron Strands and a tiny bit of Edible camphor. (optional)

Transfer the coarse Cashew powder. 

Mix by continuous stirring. Rub with spatula to dissolve the Cashew lumps. No worries.  These tiny lumps will settle soon.
Add two tsp ghee.
Continuous stirring and mixing on low heat make smooth and silky Halva texture.

Add Freshly crushed Cardamom seeds 1/4 tsp
and mix to infuse the flavour.

Almost done.

Add Fresh Ghee 20 ml at final stage.

Mix to combine.

Check the consistency. Take a small portion of the sweet and make a ball. If it rolls into a non sticky ball,  the preparation is perfect.
Turn off the heat.
Thirupagam sweet is ready to serve


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