Thursday, 20 January 2022


Mind blowing Real 🍓 Strawberry flavour in this icecream!

No icecream maker needed to make this incredibly delicious icecream!

The flavour of this stellar Strawberry icecream solely relies on a handful of fresh strawberry fruits that are straight from terrace garden to kitchen top.

I used fresh Strawberry fruits, Condensed milk, Whipping Cream - only three ingredients to make this delicious dessert.

Remove the green part of the fruit. Fruits are so soft with plenty of tiny seeds. No need to chop.

Just transfer and blend them until smooth puree.

Set ready.

Transfer the Milky mist dairy Cream (I used here) to a dry mixing bowl. This cream is of 25% fat and is available in all super markets and online grocery stores. You can use any dairy whipping cream available in stores.

Whip the cream using a blender to make this cream soft and fluffy. This is a plain cream not a whipping cream. We need only dairy cream for this recipe.

Add sweetened Condensed milk (Milkmaid Condensed milk) 400 gm.

Mix to combine well.

Add Strawberry puree

Mix roughly to mix.

Use blender to combine together. 

Pour the mixture to the airtight container. 

Place the airtight container to freezer compartment for 8 hours or overnight.

Replace it for about 10 minutes in the refrigerator before serving.

Perfectly set!
No ice crystals!
Ease efforts!

Scoop out in a bowl!

Tempting baby pink icecream!
Unique and natural Strawberry flavour!


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