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BUTTER COOKIES#நெய் பிஸ்கட்

Butter cookies are otherwise known as Danish cookies because they are originating in Denmark using three ingredients namely, Butter, Sugar and flour. They are very similar to short bread cookies.

The most consumed cookies across the world are Butter cookies. These cookies resemble English tea cakes and Scottish short bread.

The Butter cookies are categorised under "Crisp Cookies" because of its beautiful buttery texture caused in main part by the quantity of Butter added into the dough.

In Europe and North America, Butter cookies are often served around Christmas time. Butter cookies are very famous gift in Hong Kong especially during Chinese New year.

Denmark Butter cookies have been remarkably exported for many years to US and Asia, typically packed in tins with labels, known as Blue tin, since 1966.
The signature flavour is Butter for which the standard was established in1901 when the brand "Lurpak".

How to bake flavorsome and melt in mouth Butter Cookies?

No chillness required.
Simple shape that any new bee can do even kids. 

 Key Ingredients:

1. Unsalted Butter 200 gm @ room
2. Powdered Sugar or icing Sugar 65-125          gm as per your choice.
3. Powdered Salt 1/4 tsp
4. All purpose flour 250 gm+60 gm+50 
    gm+50 gm+25 gm+20 gm
5. Ajwain seeds 1 tsp (optional)


Easy to follow..🥰👇

In a mixing bowl, add in the soft butter and make creamy texture.

Add Icing Sugar and Powdered Salt. Mix thoroughly to combine 

Blend until light and fluffy.

Transfer the all purpose flour in batches and combine to form a soft non stick dough.

If the dough seems loose, add extra flour in batches to get the 

desired consistency.

Make one Scoop dough into a ball and slightly flatten it.

Repeat the process to get even sized cookies.
Place them onto the parchment paper 1.5 inch apart.
Make your own design using a fork on cookies.
Now the uncooked cookies are ready to go into the oven.
Preheat the oven 170° C in microwave oven/325°F in OTG for 10 minutes.
Place the cookies  on the  oven rack.
Start baking for about 17-18 minutes.
Once baking time over, take out the cookie plate and set aside to cool down.

Really delicious Butter cookies are melt in mouth texture.
Enjoy with your loved ones and gift to the kids. Even adults will love it to have more.

Happy baking!


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