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Sago pearls are known as Tapioca pearls. Sago is made from the starch extracted from the center pith of the Sago palm stems. It is having full of carbohydrate which is a quick boost of energy. low in fat. We can make gruel or kitchadi and vadai. Javvarisi payasam is very familiar in our region as a special dish served in the feast of every celebration of home rituals, marriages and any other auspicious functions. It is offered as nivedhanam before Deities during Navarathiri,  Ganesh sathurthi and local festivals.
Are you ready to know how to make Javvarisi Paayasam/Sago Gheer?


Sago one cup
sugar one cup
milk four cups
cardamom six
cashews five
raisins six
coconut milk extracted from shredded coconut one cup (optional)


Roast the sago with one spoon of ghee and keep aside.
Wash the sagos and add two cups of water.
cook in the pressure cooker with two whistles.
The sagos cooked and became transparent.
Add sugar in a separate pan .
Followed by cooked sagos and milk two cups. 
Fry raisins and cashews (chopped ) into golden brown in little ghee.
Powder cardamom and add.
Add another two cups of milk . You can add one cup of coconut milk .(It will give extra taste)
Allow to boil until the gheer become thickened.
Remove from the flame.
Add one tablespoon of fresh ghee.
Javvarisi paayasam is ready to be enjoyed.

This gheer is served in the family get together for the local festivals and any temple celebrations. It is a special sweet in every home served and enjoyed in the lunch with meduvadai.

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