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Vella Pongal is a traditional dessert of auspicious days and served as Prasadam in all over South Indian temples.  This sweet pongal is made throughout the year as a special sweet and enjoyed by the folks of Tamil Nadu.
The preparation is so simple and easy. It is an authentic and traditional dish prepared during the celebration of Pongal festival of Tamil Nadu every year in mid January.

Ingredients :

Raw rice one cup
Achu vellam seven
Ghee half cup
Raisins one spoon
Cashew nuts seven
Cardamom eight
water one cup to make syrup

Procedure with step by step images:

Cook the raw rice in a 5 lit pressure cooker or pressure pan directly with one whistle and simmer it for five minutes.
Allow to cool until the pressure goes off.
Meanwhile, add water with achu vellam and heat it. The vellams dissolved and allow the solution to boil until it thickens to a syrup containing one string consistency.
Fry the raisins and cashews turning golden brown in ghee.
Powder the cardamom and set aside.
Now mash the cooked rice with the help of a ladle.
Pour the sugar syrup into the mashed rice and mix it well.
Transfer the fried items and mix gently.
Pour some ghee .
Finally add the cardamom and mix well.
Wait for ten minutes to set well.
Now the Vellapongal is ready to enjoy.

so yummy and sweet ....and flavorful..!!!!

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