Thursday, 30 July 2015


This is the authentic traditional sweet of Kongu folks. We make this sweet as special for festival occasions and in the feasts of family-get-together and as offering to God during Prayer/Pooja. It is so delicious and nutritional as well. It is known as Poli as well.


Chana dal one full cup
Jaggery or achu vellam four
Ghee two tablespoon
Sugar one small spoon
Salt half pinch
Turmeric half pinch
Maida flour one full cup
Cardamom 6


Pressure cook the chana dal for three whistles.
Keep it  aside to cool down.
Meanwhile mix Maida flour, salt, turmeric powder, sugar, little oil and ghee,
Sprinkle water little by little and make it a soft non sticky dough. 
Keep aside to settle for 10 minutes.
Drain the water from the cooked dal.
Powder the jaggery or achuvellam in the mixer with cardamom seeds.
Grind the cooked dal with jaggery powder mixture.
Let the paste be coarse texture.

Divide the dough into a goose berry size pieces. 
Spread the soft dough into a flat round with the help of your fore finger and middle finger (as in the image of collage gallery.) in the banana leaf.
Place the mixture of chana dal and jaggery in the middle of the round spread with the help of a spoon.
Close the stuff on each side by stretching the maida flat round.
Remove excess if any.
Just make a ball and spread softly to a round flattened size.
Heat the Thava and Toast the spreads in three batches.
Sprinkle ghee.
Roast it until the brown spots appear. 
Flip it over the thava.
Allow to cook both sides turn golden spots.
Do all the balls into flat discs and toast them in several batches.

Opputtu is ready to be the offerings of God, or to be enjoyed.

This is an easy and instant sweet dish you like..:)

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