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Ponnanganni greens is used in all over the world for cooking and treatment for various complaints.Its botanical name is Alternanthera sessilis. It is an excellent coolant and have an immense health benefits for the eyes, hair and skin. It is also a home remedy for piles also, The young shoots and leaves are highly nutritious and contain carotenoids and other nutritive components. It has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. It is also said to neutralize. an excessive acidity in the body. It is used in the treatment for the skin diseases like scabies and eczema. It also improves skin defects. It also improves skin tone and texture. It contains high quantity of calcium, vitamin A and iron and anti-oxidents. It has diuretic property.

It is an aquatic herb. widely grown in wet and damp areas.

The leaves contain dietary fiber and eating about one handful daily significantly reduce the blood glucose level. In India, in the states of Bihar and Bengal. the root extract of this herb is used as a natural remedy for serious eye diseases such as cataract, hazy vision,burning eyes, watery eyes and myopia.

In Nigeria, it is used to relieve head aches and dizziness and the leaf sap is sniffed up the  nose to treat neuralgia. 

In Africa, sessile joyweed, when ground to a powder is used to treat snake bites and to stop vomiting of blood, 

In Sri Lanka, the leaves are used in the salads. It is used to treat with piles.

The ponnanganni green is of two types. Naatu ponnanganni(local) and cheemai ponnaanganni(foreign). In sanskrit, is called as Matsyakshi. Because its flower looks like the eye of the fish. In English, it is called as dwarf copper leaves, sessile joyweed. In Hindi, it is known as Gudrisag. In Kannada it is called as Honganne. In Telegu, it is called as Poonaganti koora. In Marathi, it is termed as Koypa.

Ponnanganni - Ponn means gold. This name defines itself the benefits of this greens. If taken regularly for 48 days, the skin will become glowing like  gold and clear vision. 
                                                                                             Source- google.

We should never miss this greens in our regular intake of food. We studied about the benefits of this sessile joyweed  (another name of Ponnanganni greens) and its wide uses in all over the world so far.

Shall we take a look on the preparation of ponnanganni porial?


Ponnanganni greens cleaned and chopped three cups

Shallots peeled and chopped half cup

Red chillies split four or five

Curry leaves chopped half cup

Cooking oil one tablespoon

Mustard seeds one spoon

Turmeric one pinch

Chana dal one tablespoon

Shredded coconuts one cup

Salt as required


Clean the greens and wash the leaves.

Pluck the leaves and tender leaves with stem and chop them.

Heat the cooking oil and add mustard seeds.

Allow them to splutter.

Add red chillies and shallots

followed by the chana split dal, curry leaves.

Then add one pinch of turmeric powder

Saute them till the onions become translucent.

Then incorporate the green leaves chopped and add salt.

Sprinkle little water.

Close with the lid and allow to cook till the water completely absorbed and cooked.

Mix the shredded coconut and switch off the flame.

Transfer the cooked greens to a bowl and serve with hot rice and other side dishes.

You will enjoy its yummy taste and want more and more. You won't like to eat any other dish other than this wonderful greens.

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