Friday, 9 October 2015


As you already know, Beets are highly nutritious and cardiovascular health friendly root vegetables. Beets are packed with certain unique pigment antioxidents in the roots and in its top green leaves have been found to give protection against coronary artery disease and stroke, lower cholesterol levels within the body. Amazingly beets have anti aging effects too..!

Regular intake will give enormous health benefits..

How to make Beetroot chutney ?


Beetroot medium size two
garlic pulse two
ginger grates one tablespoon
onion dices one tablespoon
curry leaves one handful
tamarind small gooseberry size
jaggery piece one
salt required
cooking oil one tablespoon
coriander leaves chopped one cup optional
green chilly one


Wash the Beets and peel off and grate.
Heat the pan with oil
Add onion dices and green chilly
saute for a while
Add curry leaves, ginger grates, garlic pulses.
Add beetroot grates.
Saute well in a medium heat.
Add tamarind, jaggery and salt.
Saute for a minute.
Switch off the flame and allow to cool down.
Blend with little water to get thick paste.

Thats all. 

This chutney is very tasteful and comes out with an attractive pink colour with an excellent flavour. This chutney will go very well with idlies, dosais, oothappam, idiyappam and hot rice with one spoon of ghee or gingelly oil.

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