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Idiyappam is enjoyed by the people of Tamilnadu and Kerala with various versions of side dishes such as vegetable stew, coconut milk, kondaikadalai kuruma etc. It can be transformed into lemon strings, tamarind strings, tomato strings,egg strings, spicy coconut strings and many other nonvegetarian variations. Nonvegetarian gravies like chicken gravy, fish gravy, mutton gravy or bone soups are also craving side dishes for these White Plain Idiyappams.

This main dish is a quick and very easy recipe to make. Another important matter is the Beetroot chutney is a wonderful and tempting side dish that goes very well with this main meal. It is a healthy and easily digestible dish to children, elders and patients. They are fond of this dish much with jaggery coconut milk.

Let us move to prepare now...

Ingredients :

Best quality brand raw rice flour( I used Nala raw rice flour here) three cups
Boiled water with salt three and half cups
Gingelly oil one spoon


Boil the water with half spoon salt.
Pour the boiled water little by little.
Mix together with the help of spatula or a big spoon.
Allow to cool for five minutes.
Then using hand to knead the raw rice flour into a soft and non sticky dough.
Cover the dough to avoid dryness. If so, add boiled water little. Knead again to get soft dough.
Squeeze the dough into idli making mould into soft strings using omapodi pressing equipment.
Steam them using idli pan with three cups of water in the bottom.
Allow to steam for six minutes.
Transfer the idiyappams into a dry basin with the help of a small spoon.

Dazzling white idiyappam is ready to serve. You can have it with any side  dish of your choice. But I recommend Beetroot chutney is the very best combination for this Idiyappam. It will be the next posting in this blog.


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