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This is one of the signature drinks of the Kongu Folks.. The coconut is an staple ingredient in their each and every dish they make. It has been consumed in many other forms such as grates in porial, milk in payasam, kuruma, chutny or sweets often. This posting is about the signature  drink, which is nutritious as well as delicious. It is usually enjoyed as a post dinner drink either hot or cool according to our option. It helps in having a sound sleep and also has been found to have medicinal values.

We are  learning here about the nutritional and use of the ingredients used in this milk as follows:

Coconut is a dietary staple in our regions. It contains large amount of lauric acid which is predominantly found in mother's milk. highly beneficial for our heart. high in dietary fiber. Since it contains low glycemic index, it reduces the risks associated with diabetes.

Other qualities
no trans fats, gluten free non-toxic, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal antiviral and antiparasitic healing properties.

It provides a super nutritious source of an extra energy. Coconut is utilized by the body to boost the energy rather than storage of fat in the body. It supports more endurance to the athletic and physical performance. It promotes healthy thyroid activities and reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue.

It contains the MCFA properties that is good for heart health.(short and medium chain of fatty acids).

Nutmeg is having medicinal property which induces sound sleep. It supports brain activities. It has its unique aroma which enhances the taste of any sweets and dishes.

Pepper has also its special aroma and is an excellent source of manganese and vitamin k. rich in copper and dietary fiber. It promotes the intestinal health. It reduces cough, cold and other 

Cardamom is a flavoring agent and it improves digestion. It's unique aroma enhances the taste of sweets and any other drinks.

Dry ginger is giving relief from cold, acidity, indigestion and viral fever. It helps to reduce weight also.

Almonds are packed with minerals vitamins, high protein and dietary fiber. They have potential health properties, lowering cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Google source.

We move to prepare stunning healthy and super hot milk  now:


Shredded coconut three cups or one Coconut 
Palm candy 10 gms
nut meg a small portion
cardamom five or six
dry ginger one piece
pepper seven or eight
almonds five soaked for three hours
Urad dal one spoon soaked for three hours.
half cup of cow milk. 


Blend all the ingredients with required water.

Take extract from the blended contents.

This is the thick extract of the ingredients.

Keep aside. We are going to use this at the end of the process.

Collect the strained contents and blend them with required water again.

Strain them. You will get thin extract. Add a cup of hot water and strain again.

Heat the thin extract to boil for five minutes with palm candy.

Then pour the thick extract and milk. 

Wait for a second and remove from flame.

You will get three cups of coco-milk.

 Delicious hot coconut milk is ready to serve.

It should be consumed before go to bed. Iti is always recommended for health and good for sleep.

You can have this delicious hot milk fortnightly.

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