Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Today's posting is Greengram plus chayote koottu curry. 


Green whole green gram 100 gms
Chayote medium size one
Chopped shallots half cup
Sambar powder two spoons
Turmeric powder one spoon
Cooking oil one tablespoon
Mustard seeds one spoon
Cumin Seeds one spoon
Curry leaves half cup


Dry roast the whole Country green dal in a dry pan in medium heat.

Break the roasted and cooled green dal into small pices  in a mixer.

Wash several times to remove the husks.

Cook the broken green dal with required water, turmeric and four drops  of castor oil in a pan.

Remove the skin of the chayote with the help of peeler and cut it into small cubes.

Transfer the veggie into the cooking dal and add sambar powder and salt required

Wait for seven minutes until the chayote pieces well cooked.

Heat the tempering pan with cooking oil.

Add mustard seeds to splutter.

Add cumin seeds, shallots  and curry leaves

Allow the shallots to fry and become translucent.

Transfer the fried ingredients into the cooking dal+chayote.

Mix well

Check the taste of salt.

Add coriander leaves chopped (optional)

Remove from the flame and transfer the curry into a serving bowl.

This curry tastes good with hot steamed rice+one spoon of ghee or sesame oil.

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