Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Finger millet is packed with iron and calcium. It is an important constituent of our diet during the Summer season. We use raagi in multiple recipes and one of those simple and quick-fix methods is Ragi kali.(keppai Kali).
How to make Ragi Kali?


Finger millet flour one cup
Three cups of water to be measured in the same cup in which flour measured.
half spoon of gingelly oil.


Buy red coloured Ragi seeds 500 gms from any grocery shop.
Check and clean the seeds.
Give them to blend into fine powder in a mixer.
Sieve the flour to get  very fine flour.
Take one cup of Ragi flour and three cups of water in a broad wok.
Stir well to avoid lumps.
Heat the wok in a high flame.
Stir well continuously to avoid lumps.
The flour is being cooked and get thickened.
Dip the palm in water and touch the cooked flour. If it is non sticky, that is the perfect cooked texture.
Switch off the flame set aside to cool.
Finger millet/Ragi kali is ready to serve.
We can make balls and immerse in a bowl of water and allow to overnight.
Bittergourd puli kuzambu, peanut chutny, palak green gravy and thoyyakeerai gravy and thick buttermilk or cow curd are wonderful combinations to this ragi kali.

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