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Introduction of  Fantastic Foxtail millet:

foxtail millet is one of the desirable whole grain by the Kongu folk. They are cultivated in semi-arid regions. They grow very fast in warm surroundings, sprouting up massive forage rapidly within a limit of two and a half inch of moisture. This is the main reason why it is so famous among farmers who want to grow an insurance crop along with the annual harvest. Due to its easy adaptability and fast-growing time, it serves as an excellent catch crop. Not all whole grains have such a short crop circle like the foxtail millets.

They are curbing the blood sugar level and bringing down the blood glucose by a degree of 70%. Foxtail millets are known to increase the HDL which significantly lowers the level of blood sugar.

It reduces the risk of heart attack. It reduces the chances of coronary blockage that results in cardiac arrest and fatalities. Heart attacks take place since the arterial walls of the heart become blocked and damaged. Low sugar count in the blood reduces such an eventuality. Foxtail millets reduce the level of triglycerides in our body which automatically controls the reigns of heart diseases.

High in antioxidants. It is naturally free of gluten. rich in minerals like protein, iron and calcium. helps in strengthening muscles. best for nerve system.

So this is the best choice for us to reap the benefits of this nutritious and healthy millet in our regular diet.

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There are many versions in the cooking of Foxtail millet. Foxmillet is known by the Tamil Name Thinai.
Lot os sweet versions and spicy versions. Thinai upma is the today's posting. 

Let us move to prepare Thinai Upma:


Foxtail millet 250 gm
Chopped shallots half cup
Curry leaves
green chillies three
Tomato dices half cup
coriander leaves chopped half cup
Grated  Ginger one tablespoon
Cooking oil one tablespoon
Salt to taste
Mustard seeds
Half a spoon of turmeric powder
Moong dal one spoon


Heat the 5-litre pressure cooker with cooking oil
Add mustard seeds to splutter.
Add moong dal (optional), shallots, green chillies, curry leaves.
Saute for a while.
Let the shallots be turned translucent.
Add Tomato diced and a half spoon of turmeric.
Add foxtail millet with  three cups of water and salt.
Bring to boil and close the cooker and place the weight.
Allow one whistle and simmer.
Switch off the flame after four minutes.
Set aside to cool.
Remove the lid and garnish with coriander leaves.
Yummy Thinai/Foxtail Upma is ready to serve.

Serve as the perfect and healthy breakfast with tomato or lemon pickle.


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