Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Finger millet is being consumed in various versions such as idiappam, kali, ragi dosais, roties, paniyaram, idlies and ragi kooz and so on since ancient times. We, kongu people are unknowingly enjoying( this millet traditionally from our childhood to adult age. It is an energy booster and staple food; packed with rich nutrients i.e., iron, calcium and dietary fiber.

Take a look on the procedure of Raagi idiappam..


Finger millet 500 gm.
Boiled water three cups
Salt to taste


Clean the finger millet and dry in sunlight.
Grind dry in a mixer in four batches.
Sieve to get fine dry flour.
Bring to boil three cups of water.
Add salt to the flour and mix well.
Add water little by little to knead into a soft and non sticky dough.
Fill the small portion into a muruku mould fixed with thread holed disc.
Squeeze the ragi threads into an idli mould.
Steam them like idlies.
Allow five minutes to cook.
Allow to cool.
Tranfer the idiappam on the serving banana leaf.

Tasty and nutrional idiyappam can be enjoyed with tomato pickles or Coconut chutny. We can dip the. idiyappams in sweet coconut milk(coconut milk with jaggery and cardamom.) 

Another spicy version:

Add two drops of sesame oil and one spoon of lime juice with six idiyappams and make them into small thread pieces and temper with chopped shallots, split. green chillies, curry leaves and chopped coriander g greeens. Sautefor a while and transfer into serving bowl.
We consumed with raw green tomato pickle today morning. we loved much...
Try out...Let's see how it will turn out..

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