Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Vermicelli kaesari is a tempting dessert served in the home rituals and other feasts of guests get together during family occasions. It is an appealing sweet loved by all. It is easy to make and a very quick preparation in no time. Few ingredients, less ghee as well.

Have a look on the preparation of the saemia keasari as follows:


Savorit Saemia or vermicelli 50 gms
Sugar half cup
Kaesar color quarter pinch
Ghee one tablespoon 
Cashews split pieces and dry grapes half cup
Cardamom two pods


Bring to boil two cups of water with a quarter pinch of kaesar color powder.
Add saemia or vermicelli and mix gently.
Allow to cook well.
Add sugar and stir well. Let the sugar melts and absorbed by vermicelli.
Fry cashew bits, split cardamom pods and dry grapes in a one spoon of ghee (in a separate tempering pan) into golden brown color in  a low flame.
Let the flame is low level or simmer from this state.
Tranfer all the fried ingredients into the cooked vermicelli.
Add remaining ghee into the vermicelli.
Incorporate all the items softly for a second.
Delicious Kaesari is ready.
Switch off the flame.

Serve hot..If you want little ghee more, drizzle and enjoy.

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