Sunday, 10 April 2016


Have you ever tried this easy method of preparing the filter coffee within a second?
We never use the coffee filter for this purpose. We are going to use small strainer. 


Coffee Powder three teaspoons
Sugar two teaspoon as per your choice
Fresh boiled one cup of milk
boiled water quarter cup


Bring to boil water.
In the meanwhile, take a cup or tumbler placing the strainer on the top. (see the image of strainer)
Add three teaspoonful of Pure coffee powder in the strainer. Narasus coffee PB Is the best one I choose always.
Bring to boil the fresh milk in another burner.
Pour the boiled water into the strainer containing coffee powder little by little.
You will notice an instant thick decoction into the cup/tumbler 
Take away the strainer.
Add sugar and hot milk in the decoction.
Pour the coffee from tumbler to a jug and jug to tumbler. Make it frothy by exchanging filter coffee thrice into the jug and a tumbler
You will get an aromatic,  hot and charming filter coffee in your hand.
Are you ready to enjoy sip by sip?

Try it..:)


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