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Milky mushrooms are the substitute of non-vegan foods.
Nutrition Value of Milky Mushroom
Milky mushrooms are quite a well-known species known for their high nutritional value. Taking a look at the constituents, proteins make up the bulk of the mushroom which is almost 6 times of the carbohydrate content on one hand and fats being too low on the other hand. Hence it is proved out to be an excellent food for people who do not want to risk increase in weight. Mushrooms have the low sodium content which is responsible for high blood pressure but being rich in the potassium content, the blood pressure and the pulse is regulated and smoothened.

Another very important nutritional value to note here is that the milky mushrooms are rich in the anti- oxidant ergothioneine which helps to look after the replenishing of the organs of the body like bone, kidney, liver etc and also being rich source of riboflavin and selenium, milky mushrooms prevent the aging of the body by tackling the free radicals in the body. It is due to selenium that milky mushrooms in particular, have the ability to prevent prostate cancer in males while breast cancer in females by curbing the action of enzymes like aromatase and alpha- 5- reductase which causes uncontrolled cell division resulting in growth of cancer cells. This is scientifically a proved fact.
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We are going to make the above mentioned milky mushroom curry now:


milky mushrooms 500 kg
Shakthi chicken masala powder one spoon
Turmeric one spoon
Kashmiri chilly powder one small spoon
Pepper powder half spoon
Cloves four
Cinnamon three pieces
Animase star one
Curryleaves two sprigs
Shallots half cup
Green chillies two halves
Coriander leaves half cup
Tomato one
Sesame oil two tablespoons
Mustard seeds one spoon
Salt required


Wash the milky mushrooms and chop into fine pieces.
Heat the pan with sesame oil.
Add mustard seeds to splutter.
Add cloves, cinnoman and animase star.
Add shallots, green chillies, curry leaves.
Saute for a while.
Simmer the flame.
Followed by red chilly powder, turmeric and shakthi chicken masala.
Add tomato dices and mushrooms.
Saute for two minutes until the mushroom get shrunken.
Sprinkle required salt powder.
Close the pan with lid.
Allow to cook over a medium flame for two minutes.
Finally add coriander chops and mix well.
Mushroom stir fry is ready to have with hot rice or as a scrumptious side dish to any main dish.


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