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Sundakkai is known as Turkey berry in English. It has a lot of medicinal facts. The Advantages are wonderful to know when we google about the nutritional and medicinal values of the Turkey berry.

* The consumption of turkey berry in any form kills the germ in our body. 
* It controls diabetes.
* It strengthens the bones and nerves and also helps in the physical development of our body when it 
   is consumed regularly.
* It prevents gastritis
* If the people who are affected with paralysis consume turkey berries, the disease will be cured.
* It prevents teeth related diseases.
* Turkey berry is consisting of the following essential nutrients and minerals which are very 
   beneficial to our health.
                     Vitamin A
                     Iron 24.5 mg
                     Calcium 0.28 mg
                     Fat 1.7 mg
                     Fiber 56.9 mg

Its scientific name is Solanum Torvum. We can grow this amazing plant in our home garden and get amazing benefits by consumption of this berry. 

I think the above information of this Turkey Berry is sufficient to learn about. We should experience the benefits of this berry either in raw fruit or dried fruit called sundakkai. 

Let us move to make the sundakkai vathal kuzhambu:

This gravy or kuzhambu has been served in almost South Indian hotels and homes during the special occasions as a special dish.


Sundakakai or dried berry 100 gms
Coconut grates half cup
tamarind one goose berry size
Jaggery one piece
Fenugreek seeds roasted powder one pinch
Asafoetida one pinch
fried gram one spoon
roasted poppy seeds one tablespoon
Red chillies five
Curry leaves two sprigs
coriander leaves chopped one cup
shallots one cup
Turmeric one spoon
Coriander seeds roasted one tablespoon
Cumin seeds one spoon
Pepper one spoon
Garlic pods three


Roast red chillies, poppy seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, pepper, curry leaves one sprig, asafoetida and keep aside to cool down.

Powder them and restore.

Blend the coconut grates tamarind, jaggery, garlic pods and fried gram into a fine paste.

Heat the wok with sesame oil and fry mustard seeds, shallots, curry leaves, red chillies two and turmeric, masal powder we blended. red chilly powder half spoon.

Add tomato dices and allow to cook into gravy texture.

Add the coconut paste and adjust the consistency with water.

Add salt and allow to boil and attain gravy consistency

Heat the tempering pan over a medium flame.

Add one tablespoon of sesame oil and fry the turkey berry in two batches and transfer them into the gravy.


mix the chopped coriander leaves.

Super delicious sundakkai vathal puli kuzhambu is ready to have with hot steamed rice,

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