Saturday, 27 August 2016


Dearest Viewers..!

I am here again to share the recipe of Kongu's special razgullas with you. 

As you plunged your spoon into the delicate and spongy balls and stuffed your mouth with a piece of this nectareous sweet, I am sure that you will be transported to heaven . The  pleasing of the taste buds will be truly divine. 

Give it a try and give me your feed back.


for making cow milk cheese:

8 Cups of full fat Country Cow milk
Two tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice.
Cashews ten nos soaked and blend them into a fine paste.
Rock candy one tablespoon

For making Razgullas:

Fresh milk cheese (recipe provided here)
Two tablespoons of cashew paste (soak 10 cashews for half an hour and blend them into fine paste.)
Sugar 750 gms
Seven cups of water to make the syrup
Cardamom crushed two nos   ( optional)


Bring to boil the country cow milk in a large vessel.
When the milk is boiling, add the filtered two tablespoons of lemon juice.
Stir for a couple of minutes over a medium flame.
Notice the milk is turned into while lumps and whey.
Wait for another two minutes.
Transfer the boiling contents into a cotton cloth and wash the cotton cloth closed all the sides in the running water for five minutes. so that the tanginess of lemon is washed out. Hang for a half an hour to strain out the whey completely and leave the cheese in the cloth. ( Refer the image tutorials).
Remove the cheese (hereafter we call it as cheese..) from the cloth and place it in a dry bowl.
Knead for five to six minutes with two tablespoons of cashews paste.
Split the cheese into 30 to 35 portions and roll out in your palm with the two or three rock candies inside each ball.
Set aside.
Bring to boil the sugar with water.
Allow to boil for half an hour until the mixture gets sticky when you check with your fingers.
This is the right time to dropthe balls into the boiling sugar syrup without splashing one by one.
Let the balls be cooked in the syrup for twenty-five minutes.
You will observe the sugar syrup thickens to a certain level.
Switch off the flame and take out the vessel.
Set aside to warm temperature.
Transfer the balls with syrup in a serving bowl.

Leave them in the refrigerator for an hour to chill.
You can serve the rasgullas in warm or chilled. 

Now this is your time to taste the lip-smacking razgullas.!!!!!.

See you again..!


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