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Dry Gulab jamuns are made in the regular method and then soaked in sugar syrup until they absorb the syrup until they absorb sugar syrup and soft inside. Then drained off from sugar syrup and just rolled in powdered sugar and refrigerated. You will get scrumptious dry gulab jamuns.

The very same procedure of preparation of gulab jamun is to be followed.


MTR Gulab Jamun Mix : 250 gms
Sugar 350 gms
Kaesary food colour powder one pinch
Cardamom five pods 
Rose water one spoon
Sesame oil to fry
Ghee one tablespoon
Powdered sugar 250 gms
Almonds 15 nos


Mix the powder and an adequate water in a dry bowl.

Knead the soft and non-sticky dough

Keep aside for a while.

Bring to boil the sugar, orange food colour one pinch with water required until it gets thickened as a thick sugar syrup.

Sprinkle cardamom powder( seeds crushed) and ghee over the  syrup

Make the small portion of the dough into a round ball of marble size. Make the balls by using the entire dough.

Heat the oil and fry the balls until the jamuns turn golden brown colour.

Allow to fry the balls in several batches.

Transfer the balls into sugar syrup .

Wait for some time until the balls absorb sugar syrup and become soft inside

Blend the sugar with almonds and keep aside.

Wait for some hours until the entire sugar syrup gets absorbed by jamuns.

Roll out the balls in the powdered sugar so as to coat all over the sides of the balls and collect them in a dry tray or a rectangular pack.

Refrigerate them for three hours.

Serve the dry Gulab jamuns to your beloved and pack up their admirations and love..:-)


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