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Vallarai is otherwise called as brahmi leaves are well known for South Indian people as brain booster, The leaves are slightly bitter in the taste. When they saute in the heat, it will be tasteful with cooked dal and spices.

Vallarai has diuretic property. It is a memory booster and our elders always try to feed us with these greens, whenever the herb is available in the market. this is good for entire nervous system. Moreover, it has anti inflammatory quality and treats joint pain. It is a memory enhancer and gives mental clarity.

It treats epilepsy, alchemier disease wonderfully. This greens are well known from the very ancient period for its miraculous health service naturally. 

There are so many versions of cooking for obtaining its benefits directly.

I posted many versions already. This is an another version with protein contents. 
The kootu is made with mazoor dal and vallarai greens mingled with few spices.

Try this kootu and feed your loving kids weekly once and you will wonder how they are active throughout the day, in studies and sports.

Do view the method I am using to make this yummy kootu.


Vallarai two small bunches

Cooked toor dal/mazoor dal two cups
Cumin seeds roasted and powdered one spoon
Green chillies two or three as per your option
Curry leaves ten
Shallots peeled off and chopped half cup
Salt to taste
Cooking oil (I am always using organic sesame oil)
Mustard seeds one spoon
Half a tomato


Pluck the leaves, clean and wash the leaves.
Chop them.
Pressure cook the mazoor dal/toor dal with three whistles.
Saute the leaves with one spoon of oil for a few minutes.
Add sallots, green chillies, cumin seeds, curry leaves.
Saute for two minutes in a low flame.
Set aside to cool down.
Blend the greens along with sauted ingredients into a coarse paste.
Heat the remaining sesame oil in a wok and add mustard seeds.
allow them to splutter.
Add some chopped shallots and curry leaves and finely chopped tomato
Add turmeric powder and transfer the green paste with half a cup of water.
Add salt required.
Allow to boil for a few minutes.
Transfer the cooked dal and mix well gently so as to combine together.
Check the salt and adjust the taste.
Let the mixture be boil for a couple of minutes in a low flame.
Switch off the flame.

Yummy vallarai keerai paruppu kootu is ready to have with hot steamed rice and a spoon of cow ghee.

An overwhelming taste you will enjoy..!!!!!!!!

Here are the image tutorials for your reference:

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