Saturday, 10 September 2016


This posting is about poonnanganni greens that are rich in Iron contents and protein. It is good for lactating mothers, kids and youngsters and adults. It promotes the fair complexion, good healthy eyes and clear vision and supports for the healthy glow of the hair. 

We never miss these greens when we see the greens with the street vendors, market or any vegetable section of departmental stores.

It tastes excellently with lentils. I am sharing the fantastic side dish using these greens with moong dal.


Moong dal 100 gms
Ponnanganni greens leaves two cups
Ghee one tablespoon
Cumin seeds one spoon
Shallots peeled off and chopped half cup
Curry leaves one sprig
Green chillies two split
Tomato half
Sesame oil one tablespoon
Turmeric one spoon


Dry roast the moong dal and cook in a pan with water.
Add water more whenever necessary to cook without burning.
Please be in the kitchen and take care to cook this dal without burning.
Add turmeric and few drops of castor oil.
Clean and wash the green leaves and chop them.
Add these greens, tomato half, green chillies and salt.
Stir gently and allow to cook for ten minutes.
Temper with mustard seeds, shallots and curry leaves in sesame oil as usual, in a tempering pan.
Transfer the fried ingredients into the dal green mixture.
Add one tablespoon of ghee and transfer the curry into a serving bowl.

You can have this curry with hot steamed rice, chappathies.

Do try out and welcome your esteemed feedback.

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