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MAAPILLAI CHAMBA RICE is being served to the newly married bridegroom in Tamilnadu. .

Especially in kongu regions, this rice is cooked and served traditionally to improve strength and stamina since ancient times.

It is so delicious and comfortable meal that can match with cow curd, buttermilk and any tamarind curry. It is healthier in these hot climatic regions. 

It may be served as kanji, fermented meal with curd, shallots and green chilies. It can be enjoyed with lemon pickles.

Health information about Mappillai chamba rice:

It improves digestion and cures stomach ulcer and mouth ulcer.

Increases the blood flow faster so that we get instant energy.

It increases immunity and stamina.

It strengthens nervous weakness and controls paralysis.

It fights against cancer.

It increases haemoglobin content in blood.

Diabetic patients can also consume the rice that will not increase sugar level.

It will help to increase sexual activity, hence served to newly wed bridegrooms.

Mappillai chamba cooked rice when soaked in water and allowed to ferment is good for health increasing blood and good support for diabetic people.

The rice has the high profile of nutritional values. In folklore, the bridegroom is asked to left the heavy rock stone to show his stamina. So, the mappillai chamba rice is cooked and served to him regularly to gain strength and energy to lift the rock.

This rice is not only recommended bridegrooms, it is suited for all ages to gain stamina.

some more information:

This crop cultivation period is 160 days. 

                                                                                    from Google Source

How to cook this rice?

It can be cooked as meal. idli, dosa upma or pongal.  

We are going to cook Meal that pairs very well with tamarind gravy and curd.

Nowadays, mappillai chamba rice is in high demand . This rice is available in all departmental stores in all cities of Tamilnadu and online stores such as, 


Soak the rice for five hours.

Pressure cook the rice with water (three cups of water and one cup of rice.).

Wait for five whistles and simmer for five minutes.

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