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Venthayakeerai puli kuzhambu is one of the delicious versions of pulikuzhambus. Moreover, it is a healthy dish enriched with iron and vitamin A. It also has considerable amount of calcium, phospohorous etc.

English name: Fenugreek Leaves. In Hindi, it is called as Methi leaves. When it is dried and packed and sold as kathuri methi leaves that are used in north Indian dishes. But, when it is used as fresh you will acquire its enormous benefits. Just sprinkle fenugreek seeds and water them in a pot. You will see the saplings within a week. You will get fresh leaves.

I am pretty sure once you taste this venthaya keerai kuzhambu, you will never miss in your diet. You will make often and reap its utmost healthy benefits.

How to make?

Its procedure is very similar to other pulikuzhambus. Extra items that are used to make this dish, venthayakeerai and masoor dal.


Fenugreek leaves two cups. Just pluck the young leaves.
Masoor dal one cup
Shredded coconut one cup
Fried gram one tablespoon
Coriander powder one tablespoon
Cumin seeds one spoon
Poppy seeds one tablespoon
Tamarind a gooseberry size
Jaggery one piece.
Asafoetida two pinches
Mustard seeds one spoon
Sesame oil two tablespoons
Garlic pods three
Pepper one spoon
Red chilies four
Curry leaves twelve
Coriander leaves one cup
Turmeric powder one spoon 
Tomato one chopped
Pearl shallots one cup


Collect the coriander powder, turmeric powder, asafoetida one pinch, tamarind, fried gram, shredded coconut, cumin seeds, pepper, Garlic pods, poppy seeds, coriander leaves and red chilies and adequate water.

Blend them into a smooth paste.

Set aside.

Wash the fenugreek leaves.

Heat the three-litre cooker with sesame oil.

Add mustard seeds and allow to pop up.

Once it starts to pop up, add shallots, curry leaves, one red chilly, asafoetida and fenugreek leaves

Add tomato and allow to turn mushy.

Add the paste and saute for a while over a low flame.

Add the salt needed.

Add adequate water.

Close the lid and put the weight.

Allow two whistles and simmer for a while.

Switch off the flame.

Set aside to cool down.

Open the lid and pour sesame oil over the gravy.

Relish it with hot steamed rice.


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