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We should know about the health benefits o capsicum since it has numerous health values. It gives the best relief from peptic ulcer, menopausal problems, low risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It has amazing anti-inflammatory and analgesic contents. Alkaloids and tannins are also present. It gives treatment to arthritis too. The beneficial vitamins and minerals are well packed with this capsicum. The flavonoids are present in capsicum.

It contains dietary fiber, vitamins A.C, B6, Vitamin K.
It contains certain important minerals such as manganes, potassium, copper and phosporous.
It is very beneficial in preventing diabetes, and diabetic neuropathic pain.
Beneficial in treating with peptic ulcer, and damaged brain tissues.
Helps in reducing factors of anti aging 
Helps o improve skin health and  treating hepatic and gastric and pulmonary cancers

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How to make capsicum stir fry?


Capsicum two nos chopped
Shallots or Bellary onion half finely chopped
Green chilies two nos
Curry leaves one sprig
Coriander leaves finely chopped
Salt to taste
Sesame oil one tablespoon
Mustard seeds one spoon
Salt to taste
Water to sprinkle
Shredded coconut one tablespoon
Turmeric one spoon
Asafoetida one pinch


Heat the wok with one tablespoon of sesame oil over a medium flame.
Add mustard seeds.
Once mustard seeds start to crackle, add shallots, green chilies and curry leaves.
While the onion turns transparent, add turmeric powder.
Add chopped capsicum. Saute for few minutes.
Add required salt and sprinkle water.
Stir occasionally in medium flame.
It will be cooked quickly
Add chopped coriander leaves and shredded coconut.
Mix gently.

Switch off the flame.

Transfer the cooked capsicum to a serving bowl.
Serve hot with dal, rasam and curd. It will go very well with any meal.

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