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Capsicums are rich in Vitamin C and A and many minerals that are supporting our optimum health. Hence we can add this capsicum in our regular diet.

How to make kudamilakai chutney for idlies and dosais?

This chutney is a good alternative version of side dishes for idlies and dosais.


Kudamilakai or capsicum green one chopped
Bellary onion finely chopped half cup
Garlic pods four nos
Shredded coconut half cup
Tamarind one amla size
Jaggery one piece
Half tomato
Urad dal half cup
Chana dal half cup
Sesame oil one tablespoon
Curry leaves one sprig
Red chilies three
Asafoetida one pinch
Salt to taste


Fry all the ingredients in a frying pan in sesame oil adding one by one starting from the red chilies, dals, capsicum, coconut, half tomato, tamarind, garlic pods and shallots or onion, curry leaves, asafoetida and everything.
Set aside to cool down.
Blend all the ingredients with required water to get the smooth paste or coarse paste as per your choice.
Transfer the chutney to a serving bowl.
You can temper it with sesame oil and mustard seeds and curry leaves. (Optional)

Chutney ready with the unique flavor of kudamilakai.

It is a tasty accompaniment with idlies.

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