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Ridge gourd fritters/Bajjies are traditional snack during evening times of monsoon. 

Any vegetable can be used as a base for this snack. Each version of using veggie has its unique taste. 
This snack is suited to coconut chutney very well. Coriander green chutney or mint chutney will also do well. 

It will be prepared in just ten minutes.


Ridge gourd medium size
Gram flour two cups
Raw rice flour one cup
Asafoetida one pinch
Cold pressed peanut oil to deep fry
Red chilly powder one spoon
Cooking soda one pinch
Water as required to make the batter( Idli  batter consistency)
Ajwain seeds optional
Salt to taste


Mix gram flour, raw rice flour, asafoetida, cooking soda, Salt, red chilly powder and ajwain seeds and water as required in a bowl and get them combined together to make the Idli batter consistency.

Wash the ridge gourd and remove the ridges using a peeler.

Make thin slices longitudinally on a dry plate and keep them ready.

Heat the oil to the deep-fry temperature

Dip each ridge gourd slice in the batter and gently slide into the oil.

You can slide four or six slices per batch.

Deep fry on both sides till the oil bubbles cease.

Remove the fried bajjies out of the oil.

Repeat the process until the batter exhausts.

Use tissue paper to absorb the excess oil.

Now the hot bajjies/fritters are ready to have. 

 These fritters/bajjies go well with coconut chutney or coriander green chutney or Mint chutney of your choice.

You can eat these bajjies without side dishes. It tastes great even without any side dish.

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