Sunday, 20 August 2017


Dosas are all time favorite for kongu folks and other south Indian people. There are endless varieties of dosas in our regions.

Try out this Podi Dosa in a jiffy if you have idli podi and dosa batter ready.


Three cups of Dosa batter

Idli milagai podi 100 gms

100 ml of Sesame oil or Cow ghee (optional)


Heat Dosa pan over medium lame.

Pour the batter using a ladle on thee centre of the Dosa pan and spread as a circle.

Sprinkle Idli milagai podi over dosa  and pour oil around the dosa and on sprinkled podi.

Close the dosa with an appropriate lid.

Allow to cook for two seconds over a medium flame.

Remove the lid and Take dosa out of the pan.

Observe the crispiness and flavor of podi emanated from dosa!

Repeat the process collect the dosas in  a dry plate.

Serve hot!

This does not require any accompaniment.
But if your loved ones want coconut chutney to pair with this podi dosa, you can serve.

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