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FINGER MILLET-BARLEY-ALMONDS NUTRI-PORRIDGE/கேழ்வரகு-பார்லி-பாதாம் கஞ்சி/கூழ்


Finger millet is a rich source of calcium that is good for strengthening the bones for growing children and old people. Regular consumption of Fingermillet in any form is good for bone health and keeps osteoporosis at bay thereby reduce the risk of fracture,  It is gluten-free and packed with the richness of fibres, good carbs, amino acids and vitamin D. Finger millet is packed with a good amount of Vitamin D that is mostly derived from direct sunlight.  Vitamin D is a carrier of calcium which is a vital source of our body.

Since it is naturally loaded with calcium, it is one of the best non-dairy sources of calcium. It is extremely a healthy option for growing kids and can be given in the form of Ragi porridge.
The low glycemic index maintains the blood sugar levels within the safe range. Finger millet is working magically for maintaining the youthful skin. There are vital amino acids like Methionine and Lysine in finger millet maintain the skin wrinkle-free and sag-free.

Finger millet is well known for the natural source of iron content and hence it is a boon for anaemic pregnant mothers and people who suffer from Jaundice.

The high amount of dietary fibres present in the Fingermillet cereal keep the stomach full for a longer time and prevents unwanted cravings. If we want to get its all the essential contents of finger millet it is advised to consume in the morning and track the whole day energetic.

Almonds are richly packed with healthy fats. antioxidants, vitamins and minerals Its nutritional profile state " Every one ounce about 20-23 almonds provides  6 grams of protein and 4 gms of fibre, vitamin E 35%  magnesium 20% riboflavin 20% Calcium 8% and potassium 6% They are sodium-free so that it is highly beneficial for the people with hypertension. Vitamin E present in almonds supports immune function since it confers antioxidant properties, Moreover, it contains 6 per cent of the daily recommended iron that helps in the production certain hormones and works as the carrier of oxygen to the muscles.

Barley contains a considerable amount of vitamins especially vitamin B compounds such as niacin, thiamin, and pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) and beta-glucans, minerals, rich content of fibre, molybdenum, manganese and selenium. It acks folate and riboflavin.  All these enhance the production of new cell formation.

It supports weight loss.

It contains Zinc, phosphorous, copper, magnesium and calcium which are contributing to bone health and maintaining a strong skeletal system.

Soaking these cereals overnight increase the richness of vitamins and minerals.

Now let us make this nutritious and delicious Finger millet-Barley-Almonds Porridge/Koozh

Ingredients we need:

Finger millet one cup
Barley 1/2 cup
Almonds 20-23 pcs
Water for soaking


Soak the Finger millet, Barley and almonds in water overnight.
Rinse thoroughly and drain the excess water.
Grind to a smooth paste adding sufficient quantity of water.
Strain the ground millet contents through a strainer 
Heat the millet milk on medium flame.
Keep on stirring to avoid lumps.
The milk is fastly transformed into porridge.
Turn off the heat.

Porridge is ready to serve either with milk or buttermilk.
If you want to have with sweetness, add cane sugar and crushed cardamom and 25 ml milk
or you can have it with buttermilk or milk, adding 1/2 tsp salt and grated ginger.

Both are tasteful and optional.

Cooking time 8 minutes
Yield: Four persons

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