Tuesday, 21 April 2020

PANEER HALWA/பன்னீர் அல்வா/दूध पनीर का हलवा

Paneer Halwa is a supremely delicious dessert made with Paneer traced from fresh milk. Everybody will love to relish it. Only the procedure is acquiring more time to be consumed for making this yummy delight. We have to maintain patience during the whole job period. The heat must be under checking throughout the process from the beginning to end of the result else the taste will not up to the expectation of the taste. 

Paneer as the main ingredient that is to obtain from the coagulation of the milk.
Being rich in Calcium Paneerisgoodfor the growth of bones and teeth. Its high nutrition profile is also good for muscle strength. Scientific researches reveal that it contains the high-quality protein that is rich in all necessary and essential amino acids that are required for the growth of bones and teeth and overall growth and stay healthy. It is free of gluten. It is rich with Vitamin A 236 iu/100 gm. It has B12, Potassium and Selenium.: Very good source of vitamin D. Riboflavin, magnesium and phosphorous: Low-calorie food. It is the healthy transforming
option for those people having lactose allergy.

Let us make 


Full cream milk 1.25 litre
Sugar 3/4 cup or 100 gm
Crushed cardamom seeds 1/4 tsp
Lemon fruit one.
Fresh ghee 4 tsps
Cashews/Almonds/Pistachios optional


Bring to boil the milk in a heavy-bottomed vessel or non-stick pan on high flame.
Keep on stirring until the milk reduced to half volume.
Adjust the heat to low-medium heat now.
Add whole lemon juice and stir 
keep stirring continuously that helps even distribution of juice and prevention of scorching of the milk at the bottom of the vessel. 
The milk is now getting curdled,
The whey water should be dried up on the heat.
Add sugar or jaggery and stir to mix. 
Stir continuously on medium-low heat. 
Once the sugar and the chenna/paneer combined with sugar, add cardamom crushed.
Add ghee 2 tsp and stir again. Once sugary chenna concentrated, add another two tsps of ghee.
Now it cooked non-sticky,
Turn off the heat. 
Transfer the contents to the greased tray and cover and seal it with the aluminium foil.
Set aside for one hour.
This sealing further makes its golden colour and enhances the taste further.
Paneer Halwa is ready to devour.

It tastes great with Poori and Chapathi. 
We can roll the chapati with Paneer halwa stuff, Children love to enjoy.

The people with health-conscious may opt for jaggery replacing the sugar.

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