Monday, 27 April 2020

VANILLA ICECREAM/வெனிலா ஐஸ்கிரீம்/वनीला आइसक्रीम

The all-time favourite Vanilla ice cream can be made right at home without ice cream maker. This summer dessert is a great pleasure to dig out the taste you die for, This recipe uses only three key ingredients to make amazingly delicious, flavourful and creamy scoops. We can light up the kids with this heavenly delight during the lockdown days. 

Ingredients we need:

Full-fat milk cream 300 gm
Milkmaid condensed milk 200 gm/1/2 tin
Vanilla Bean pod one or Vanilla essence.


Step one:

Blend the milk cream until fluffy and has soft peaks.
This process will take 10 seconds
Separate the vanilla bean into two and scrape the seeds from each part of the bean-pod 
Add to the cream.
Blend again to infuse the flavour and incorporate the pulp with seeds.
This will take 3 seconds.
Pour half tin or 200 gms of Nestle milkmaid condensed milk and blend again.
This will take 2  seconds.

 Step two:

Transfer the contents to an airtight container.
Place it in the freezer compartment for one hour.

Step Three:

Take out the container and Stir the half-set ice cream to break the crystal formation.
Transfer to a dry mixing bowl and blend once again for 2 seconds.
Transfer to the same air-tight container and place it back in the freezer compartment.
Let it freeze for overnight or 6-8 hours.
Replace it in the refrigerator compartment for 10 minutes before serving.
Ice cream is ready to serve.

Enjoy the classic Vanilla ice cream with your loved ones. It is sure to light up the faces of your loved ones,
Go creative with toppings of choco syrup or honey of choco chips or nuts. (Your choice)
The Vanilla ice cream may be served as the post-dinner dessert cravings



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