Wednesday, 13 May 2020

CHOCO MUG CAKE/சாக்லேட் மக் கேக்/चॉकलेट मग केक

This cake has a perfect softness and sponginess texture; single-serving mug cake; very easy to make; we will need only one coffee/Tea mug
to do the whole preparation and cooking process. 

When our Refridgerator is out of eggs, but our sweet tooth is craving for delicious cake especially chocolate cake, this mug cake come in handy.
We can cook this cake just in one minute. The process takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and one minute for cooking. we can relish absolutely delicious choco cake whenever we crave for. Technically we say this cake is eggless, no-bake one. Cutting our prolonged preparation and baking time to just one minute to get a supremely yummy cake. No more heating waves in the kitchen! Hence it is best suited for these hot summer days.

Moreover, This super-fast yummy mug cake pairs with ice cream, and quick-easy dinner meal during family occasions and get-togethers.  

Step  one


All-purpose flour/Maida 3 tsp full
Sugar powdered 1 tsp full
Cocoa powder 1 tsp full
Baking powder 1/4 tsp full
Boiled milk 4 tsp+ 5 tsp
Melted ghee 1 tsp
Vanilla essence  4-6 drops

Step two


In a dry coffee/Tea mug, add all-purpose flour, powdered sugar, cocoa powder and baking powder.
Mix well using a fork.
Then, add wet ingredients i.e. milk. ghee, vanilla essence.
Mix to combine.
Add some more milk (one tsp by one tsp) to loosen the mixture and blend well until the desired cake batter consistency.
Wipe off the sides of the cup.
Make sure, the batter should be half level of the mug.
Place it on the turntable.
Close door.
Click the microwave option.
Set the one-minute temperature.
Start cooking.
When the oven beeps, Switch off the microwave oven.
Take out the mug carefully.
Place it on a table.
Sprinkle powdered sugar.
Pour the Chocolate syrup to make it moist and rich chocolaty.
We can cook four to six mugs at a time right in a microwave oven in a jiffy.


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