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The Supersoft cute buns can be prepared quickly by following this recipe. Accurate measurement matters here. The pillowy soft textured buns take the time of lesser than two hours to prepare in home.
We can prepare soft buns without adding an egg.  But the role of egg in bread making is very essential to support the rising of the dough along with yeast. The egg acts as a leavening agent helping out softening the crumb and lightening the texture.

We can make these small buns by working the five simple steps.

Step 1: 

preparing yeast activation. 

Powdered organic brown sugar 1.5 tsp
Active dry Yeast 2 tsp
All-purpose Flour 4 tsp
Warm Milk 125 ml

Stir well to mix.
Let it stands for 10 minutes to bloom up the yeast.

Step Two:

All-purpose flour 2.5 cups
Powdered brown sugar 2 tsp
Himalayan Pink rock salt powdered 1 tsp
Egg one
Cold-pressed Sunflower Oil 2 tbsp
Milk Powder 4 tsp

Sift the all-purpose flour in a dry mixing bowl.
Add powdered sugar and salt.
Mix well to combine.
Whisk the egg to combine both yolks.
Add to the yeast mixture.
Add Sunflower Oil.
Mix to combine.
Now add the all-purpose flour mix in three batches to the yeast mixture.
Add milk powder.
Mix all the ingredients to gather into a shaggy mass.

Step three:

Now the kneading process begins and continues for about 15-20 minutes.
Add little oil over the mass and knead using hand.
Knead until the dough gets non-sticky and elastic texture.
Shape into a ball and seam all the sides down.
Place the ball-dough in the oil-smeared bowl by seaming sides down.
Cover with a clean towel.
Set aside for nearly 45 minutes.

Step four:

Now the dough doubled in size.
Gently deflate the dough to release the air.
Don't knead again.
Just eyeball it, while cutting into even pieces.
Roll out each piece into the even-sized balls (seam all the sides of the ball and roll out on your palm.
Do refer the video)
Place the fittable parchment paper on the baking tray.
Arrange the balls in rows.
Cover the tray with a clean towel.
Let it rest for 10 minutes. (Second Proofing)
Now all the raw balls rose up.

Step Five:

For egg-wash, we need one egg and one teaspoon of milk.
Whisk to combine.
Coat the raw balls with egg wash using a dry brush.
This coating gives shiny appealing to the buns.
Preheat the microwave oven at 190-degree celsius in convection mode.
Place the raw buns on the lower rack of the oven.
Set the temperature at 190-degree celsius for 22-24 convection mode.
Let baking. 
Wait until the oven beeps.
Turn off the switch.
Take out.

Let cooling for one hour.
Ready to serve.

We can serve these pillowy soft buns with any veg and non-veg gravy, with butter spread, Nutella spread, any fruit jam spread or dipped in any sauce, or as a sandwich  with omelette or cheese or even as plain buns. All age groups will love to eat irresistibly

Preparation time 30 minutes
Passive time: one hour.
Baking time 24 minutes.
Yield 15 cute buns.

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