Saturday 13 December 2014


The crispy and crunchy masaal vadai is served in festival days and parties or feast in any other special occasions. The main ingredient to make this vadai with bellari onions, fennel seeds, coriander leaves gives a very tasty dimension to this snack. It is the best combination to tea and coffee during monsoon season as well.


Channa dal/vattu paruppu/kadalai paruppu one cup
fennel seeds one teaspoon
Salt as required
cooking refined oil
carom seeds one teaspoon ( for easy digestion)
Bellary onion finely chopped one cup
green chillies one or two (your choice)
Ginger.peeled off and finely chopped one teaspoon
curry leaves finely chopped half a cup
coriander leaves finely chopped one cup

Step by step procedure:

Soak the channa dal for one hour.
Wash the channa dal three times and drain the entire water.
Grind the channa dal, salt, carom seeds, fennel seeds together in a mixie jar and grind them.
Let the batter be coarsely ground.
Add onion, green chillies, curry leaves,
coriander leaves, ginger and mix well into a soft dough in a bowl.
Heat the refined cooking oil in a fry pan.
In the meantime make gooseberry size balls.
Check the heat of oil by the slip of a bit of vada dough into it.
When that bit come on the surface of the oil instantly, it is the perfect time to deep fry vadais.
Grease your palm with a drop of oil and flatten the ball like a disc.
Slip the disc into oil gently and carefully.
Repeat the process to four or six vadais into oil per one batch.
Allow it to deep fry for two seconds and flip the vadas to fry evenly.
Let the vadais become golden brown on both sides evenly.
Take out the vadais and place them in a paper napkin to absorb excess oil.
Repeat the process to fry all the balls into vadais.
You will get 12 to 14 vadais.
Crispy and crunchy masaal vadais are ready to serve.
Note:  you can add karpooravalli leaves finely chopped or mint leaves finely chopped with the dough. This option is yours.

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Unknown said...

Wow...i like the step by step pictures Mom :) Good job !

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