Thursday, 25 December 2014


Idli is the most favorite dish of breakfast in every family of TamilNadu. It is easily digestible by every one including children and old agers. It is comfortable and safe food for patients. Idli contains pro biotic bacteria which is helping in digestion.
Due to fermentation of Idli batter,  the yeast production is enhanced.
Methy seeds that are used in preparing batter contains iron content, vitamin A. Urad dal is a protein source. So all ingredients combine together come out with a wholesome food for every body.
Let us know how to prepare softest idlies...!
Idli rice 1st quality 3 cups
Jelabi ulunthu or whole urad dal 1 cup 1st quality
Fenugreek seeds one full spoon
Required water
Salt as needed.
Wash all the ingredients several times together.
Soak rice, urad dal, fenugreek seeds together for three hours.
Wash the grinder and transfer all the ingredients mentioned above (idli rice, urad dal, fenugreek seeds) with required water.
Grind them for 4o minutes to smooth paste by adding water with regular intervals so that the grinder will work comfortably.
Add salt while grinding at the final stage as needed.
Collect the batter into a big bowl.
Add little water and mix the batter.
The consistency is somewhat thick, when poured into the idli moulds, the batter should attain full shape of the mould without leaking in the sides.
Close the bowl with lid.
Allow the batter overnight or to eight hours to ferment.
Mix well.
Pour the batter into the idli moulds which are greased with gingelly oil.
Place the idli moulds into the Idli making vessel with three cups of water by heating to seven minutes.
Switch off the flame.
Open the lid of Idli making vessel or Idli cooker.
Sprinkle little water over the steam cooked idlies.
To check the cooking stage of idlies, insert the wet thin stick into idlies.
Take out the stick and see whether it is nonsticky. If so, the idlies come out, well cooked.
Remove the idlies from the moulds after two minutes with a little spatula or big spoon dipped in water.
Softy idlies are ready to serve. Coconut chutny, Sambar, Any kuruma,  idli podi, onion chutny are fine tasty side dishes to this main food.
This is a very comfortable breakfast for everyone.
Do try.....:)

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