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Omapodi/Ajwain Sev is an all-time favourite snack to everyone in Tamilnadu.  The flavour of this snack is loved by all people. Moreover, it is a healthy snack as well as very crispy and crunchy jar-stocked snack. It is a time-tested recipe and still continues to make the people satisfied in the way of stomach-friendly and adults friendly.   Omam means Ajwain or Carom Seeds in English. Hence its name OMAPODI.

The crispy snack is easy to make with a host of few ingredients. It is also considered as a Diwali snack. Always it is stocked in many Tamil homes to delight the guests and regular tea time evening snack.

How to make this traditional snack?

Ingredients what we need:

Besan flour or Chickpea flour 250 g
Raw rice flour 50 g
Asafoetida one pinch
Ajwain powder 1/2 tsp is enough to enrich the snack with flavour.
Groundnut oil or any oil to deep fry 500 ml
Salt  1/2 tsp
Water 250 ml


Bring all the ingredients including water in a mixing bowl.
Knead a dough that is sticky.
Heat the pan with oil on medium heat to bring the required deep-fry temperature.
Check the temperature by a dropping a tiny bit of the dough.
If it just comes up instantly, then the temperature is right to deep-fry.
Grease the sev press with oil.
Add 2-4 tsp of hot oil to the dough to get the crispiness and to prevent the absorption of excess oil.
Now fill the press with the portion of dough and squeeze thin strands in a circular motion into the hot oil.
Turn over once so as to fry evenly on both sides.
Take out the strands and collect on the tissue paper placed in a dry plate.
Repeat the process in four batches.
Break the strands into smaller bits using both hands by applying gentle press.
Now the Omapodi or Ajwain Sev is ready to stock and enjoy.

REfer the video that is palying on youtube right now.

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