Friday, 16 July 2021

AMMAAN PACHARISI HERB DAL/அம்மான் பச்சரிசிக் கீரைக் கூட்டு

Ammaan Pacharisi is an edible green with amazing medical benefits.
It can be cooked with dal and can have with Rice with a dash of cow ghee and tastes heavenly and cures the mouth ulcer.

Botanical name is Euphorbia Hirta.

Amman Pacharisi in Tamil. 
Akkigida in Kannada
Nilapala in malayalam
Nanabalu in Telugu
Dudhi in Hindi
Snake weed in English

Ammaan Pacharisi is used traditionally to treat  warts, asthma, stomach and mouth ulcers and various types of allergies.

Ammaan Pacharisi have antibacterial, anti asthma, anti cancer, analgesic, anti inflammatory, anti diaorrhea, anti diabetic, protecting against snake venom and the list of its medical properties go on...

This miraculous herb can be cooked with dal like regular greens. You will like this green dal's great taste.

How to make this delicious greens Dal?

Pluck the tender leaves and tender stem.
Wash them. Drain the water.
Chop them with scissor.
Set them ready.

we need just one bowlful chopped greens for this recipe.

Rinse the Toor dal several times until clear water.
Transfer the drained dal with water, few drops of Castor oil, one medium size Tomato and Turmeric powder to the pressure cooker.
Castor oil is used to cook the dal soft and mushy.

Pressure cook the dal until four whistles on medium heat. 
Set aside to cool down of its own.

We need two ladleful mushy dal along with cooked tomato.

Heat the pan with 2 tbsp Oil on medium heat.

Add Mustard seeds.

Once they start crackling, add Cumin seeds to fry.

Add Shallots, one Green chilly and Curry leaves.
Saute until shallots fried translucent. 

Add turmeric 

Then add chopped greens

Saute for 2 minutes on low heat.

Add Cooked dal and Tomato

Add water 200 ml and stir well.

Add Himalayan pink rock salt 

Give good stirs to combine.
Cover and cook for another 5 minutes until the greens cooked soft.

Turn off the heat.

Add one tbsp Ghee 

Ready to serve.

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